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Helpful Form Chart From Mrs. Woods with Forms Included

What am I looking for: Look at this form:
INSURANCE QUESTIONS: Medical, Vision, Dental, any supplemental Insurance Benefit Hub
Needing to Cancel my insurance or make changes Cancel/Change Insurance Form
Need to change my direct deposit information Direct Deposit Form
Ordering or doing business with a New Vendor/company... New Vendor Approval
GOING TO A WORKSHOP... Workshop Request Form
Staying at a Hotel for school travel Hotel Tax Exempt Form
Hotel for School Trip turned in with receipt and form to Mrs. Woods. Operating Check Request/Pre-approval Form
Any receipts from traveling with school credit card Operating Check Request/Pre-approval Form
Purchasing or eating during school trip Tax Exempt Form
No school card available approval given to use my own credit card and be reimbursed. Reimbursement Approval Form
Used my own car because a school car wasn't available and need to turn in mileage Travel Reimbursement for MILEAGE
CLASSROOM SUPPLIES NEEDED: Like Pens,Pencils, posterboards, etc. Classroom Supply Request
Submitting an Amazon order for classroom supplies for a project Vendor will be Amazon Operating Check Request/Pre-approval Form
Needing Cash Bag for event I am a sponsor for... Start up Cash Form
Need classroom books, New Curriculm Instructional Material Form
Coaches-any supplies needed for athletics for any sport Athletic Supply Request
Any purchases made with Grant money Grant Purchase Form

PER DIEM (meal money when traveling) – Vendor on form will be YOUR NAME

                   Use these amounts to complete the form – PER DIEM amounts

Operating Check Request/Pre-approval Form

Supplies requested on Amazon or bought with school credit card Operating Check Request/Pre-approval Form
Turning in receipts for travel with school credit card for general funds Operating Check Request/Pre-approval Form
Daycare tuition paid Daycare Deposit
Purchases for anything Student Activity Acct- if you are a class sponsor even concession stand reciepts needs this form completed SAF Check Request Form
Deposit being made for any SAF account. SAF Deposit Form
Did any kind of event to collect Money for SAF Acct Tabulation of Monies SAF
Student on MKV going on a field trip MKV FIELD TRIP FORM
Taking your class on a field trip Field Trip Request Form
Wanting to do a Fundraiser or doing something like Chick-Fil-A sandwiches for a concession stand Fundraiser Request Approval
Fundraiser is over I need to turn this form in with recap Fundraiser Recap
Workers’ Compensation for Illness or Injury Verification of Employment
Want to know when you get paid in 2021-2022? Pay Periods