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Our New STEM Logo

Posted Date: 02/05/2021

Our New STEM Logo

Throckmorton CISD gave a challenge to the students for a “student designed” logo for our STEM classes and programs.  Several students and groups of students got busy!  When the submissions came in, one group stood out.

So we present our new logo! This logo was designed by Ava Wadsworth and Braelyn Carter.  Great job girls!!

Let me tell you….these two fifth graders submitted this logo hand drawn.  Then Abby Dahlgren, our local school design painter, took their drawing and converted it to a digital image...which is what you are seeing now.

Ava and Braelyn brainstormed their ideas in one class period and then went to lunch, came back to class later, then designed and drew the logo.  They never expected their logo to be chosen.  They figured a high school design would be picked. Were they surprised!

When asked what they wanted to see done with their logo,...they quickly came back with the idea of – “put it on tee shirts!”

Congrats Ava and Braelyn to a job well done!!!  Future creative designers in the making!